Thursday, 30 June 2016

Student Led Conference

What: WALT: Describe different habitats in New Zealand and species that live in them.
So What: I have three paragraphs one is on the features of my habitat the second is on the animals and their classification, my last paragraph is how humans impact on the habitat. I think I did really well.
This is one example of one of my paragraphs.
The animals that would be found there would be a Kakapo which eats worms and the plants around it this bird cannot fly it is nocturnal it is native to NZ it is in the bird group, a Kiwi which is also flightless and eats worms it is nocturnal like the Kakapo this animal is hunted by the stoat and ferret it is native to NZ it is also in the bird group , you might also find the Weka which cannot fly this bird eats worms and also is hunted by the  stoat and ferret this bird is native to NZ this is in the bird group.You might also find the stoat which is a very big pest because it hunts and eats the kiwi and other birds eggs and eats them for dinner this animal is introduced and people are trying to kill them off this is in the mammal group. You may also find some Tuataras they are native to NZ and eat plants and other insects it is in the group of reptiles.

Now What: Using more technical words and researching more before I write.