Friday, 2 December 2016

Narrative writing

What: We have been learning to write a narrative with interesting conflict and events.
So What: The legend told of a roadrunner that lived in the vast desert he had bright blue feathers, blue eyes like the sea and emu like legs, he had broke the laws of physics many times he had gone past the speed of light, it’s just what he does.One day roadrunner was speeding down the highway he spotted something brown speeding up behind him, it stopped it  was the coyote roadrunner ran, the coyote’s  fur was as scruffy as a pig, he had triangle like ears and bright yellow eyes they were as bright as the sun and his tail was massive.

The next day coyote had some tricks up his sleeve he got up at 6 o’clock and went to get the supplies. Now for clever trick no.1 said coyote he had a sniper rifle set up on the edge of the cliff ready for roadrunner to come speeding down the road all of a sudden… meep meep, that was roadrunner coyote spun around and fell of the cliff with a massive bang.

12 hours later coyote’s plan no.2 this one was going to be a good one he bought a grenade meep meep here comes roadrunner he pulls out the peg and throws that instead of the actual thing he still has the grenade in his mouth BOOM it blew up coyote wasn’t happy at all.

The next day coyote thought this time this time maybe i well have some food. He got a train track placed it on the ground and put some bushes  in front of them and dressed up as a lollipop man and roadrunner zoomed passed and knocked coyote onto the track there was a actual train and runs coyote over he was very annoyed.

Coyote was very annoyed he bought some very expensice machine guns and mounts them into a wall if he didn’t get roadrunner he would die of starvation here he comes the machine guns come out and shoot roadrunner and coyote is very cheerful THE END!!!!

Now What: My asstle gap was punctuation.